Engineering is the used of scientific principles to design, analyses, innovate, build, machine and others item, the aim is to solves problems.

Bobnoel is your answer to your need as it bring valuable addition  to your expertise in your engineering department ; Our aim is to outsource engineering services to Customers in need of special solutions ; our mission is to  find potential client to our customers ; we have a reputation of good delivery time ; Bobnoel is an extension of your organization in the engineering industry as it bring on board your service to various industries globally.

Bobnoel is a solutions to your problems at any levels ; We have a team of critical skills engineers ready to assist you in any application ; we facilitate placement in the industries. We also specialist in training Young graduate engineers  to acquire experience require for their career  development ; we also assist engineer ; technologist ; technician and artisans to get proper registration with Professional board in South Africa and overseas in order to keep their accreditation in market .


We assist governmental Project in terms of rural development ; we ensure that  our customers  are acquainted with the new technologies to keep their relevance in the fourth industrial revolution .

Our scope of works include  Aerospace engineering ; chemical engineering ; mining and metallurgical engineering ; maintenance.


Quality : our aim bring quality products and services locally and globally as requested by our clients according to specifications.

Delivery : as a global sourcing ; we buy products where we get the best combination of quality ; availability and price regardless of the location of the supplier ; China ; Europe ; USA. anywhere around the world.

Value : we are attach to deliver the best value through manufacturing efficiency ; optimized cost ;  continuous improvement.

Innovation : we are committed to bring innovation and development to any engineering related project.



Repair and maintenance                                       

Mining services

Metallurgical services

Construction services

Lifting services

Education and training